All products have a manufacturer warranty that is valid from the date of invoice. The warranty is valid for 6 months or according to the manufacturer's terms no longer than up to 20,000km. For products that have a fixed change interval (filters, spark plugs, etc.) provided by the car manufacturer, the warranty is reduced for mileage specified by the car manufacturer. The customer must deliver the product covered by the possible warranty to the store. When the production of the product is finished by the factory, the manufacturer or importer replaces the product with the equivalent or better product under warranty. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that the Goods are installed in a licensed workshop and in the event of a warranty, obtain appropriate documentation confirming the existence of defects in the product.


The "Application Form" for guarantees must be submitted to Multiparts OÜ at the earliest opportunity (not later than 2 months), after discovering the error.


The application form must contain the following information:

 First and last name

 Cars make and model

 Cars VIN code

 The name of the installation company, contact details and a copy of the document certifying installation in the company (Invoice copy)

 Explanations of product faults


The warranty does not cover errors caused by:


Normal wear (brake discs, blocks, clutches, etc.)

Incorrect installation

No maintance

If damages are caused by driving recklessly 

Liability of the parties

Multiparts   Ltd is responsible for customer and customer has responsibility to Multiparts   In the event of damage caused to the other party in the event of violation of these Terms and Conditions, in the cases and to the extent provided for in the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

Multiparts   OÜ shall not be liable for any damage or delay caused to the Customer upon delivery of the Product, if the loss or delay is due to the fact that Multiparts   OÜ could not influence, did not see and could not foresee.